Qigong som läkemedel

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The text we read was mostly about how the family had to adapt themselves to fit in in another part of their country and getting used to having a new identity. In this case they had to do it because one of the kids had been accused of murder which is a very extreme case and it’s not that weird that they had to do something, in this case change identity. This is all sad and such but this actually happens in real life to. A lot of the time it’s not because of a murder but because people have different opinions. Sometimes they even move and change identity of free will because they have expressed themselves about something that others find offensive or just different which puts them in a bad or even dangerous position. In the book there are a couple of civilians ”protesting” outside the families house but in the real world people from the military or the police can come to your house. This is especially a problem in North Korea where the citizens are almost forbidden to say anything if it doesn’t support the government.

Forest Gump: Summary and eyewitness report

  • Its a really big crowd gathered here in the US around the water. We´re supposed to hear a real soldiers thoughts on the war. And here a man in a uniform comes up on the stage. Let’s hear what he has to say.
  • Dosen’t he know what to say or what is going on? Oh, here we go!
  • There is only one thing i have to say about the war in Vietnam. In Vietnam, your…
  • I have a good feeling about this!


  • Ouch, what happened? Wait, where did the sound go? Just like me, the audience is in big confusion and people are screaming everywhere that we can’t hear him. It looks like someone pulled out the sound cables but I don’t think the guy on the scene is noticing. Oh wait, the sound is back!
  • And that’s all I have to say about that.
  • Well…looks like we missed it. The crowd seems happy though. And what is this? A woman is running into the water and screaming Gump. And it seems like he is reacting. He’s running towards her. The crowd is cheering in a way I have never seen before. He certainly has a personality that makes you feel like you’ve know him all of your life.

Forrest Gump met a lady on a park bench and started talking about his life. It all began with Forrest getting a pair of braces for the legs. A while later he went to school on a school bus and met a nice girl named Jenny. He keeps on talking about how he learned how to run normal, outran a bunch of bullies, joined the collage football team taught Elvis Presley how to dance and then how his time in collage was. It ends with him joining the army and ”saving” Jenny from a club.

You can read it here.

Reklamtips HKK

http://www.sverigeskonsumenter.se/Ingen-blaser-mig/Engagera_dig/ är en sida med information om säkerhet på nätet, reklam och miljön.

Tips för att undvika att bli lurad av reklam:

  • På internet finns det stor chans att reklamer har falska recensioner så var kritisk.
  • Appen Adblock stoppar den mesta reklamen på nätet.
  • Telefonsamtal kan förhindras genom att kontakta Nix-Telefon. De kan se till att insamlingar och företag slutar att ringa dig. Det funkar inte alltid men är bra att ha om du är trött på reklam på telefonen.
  • I t.ex filmer finns det någonting som heter produktplacering. Det går ut på att olika märken syns i t.ex då filmer. Då ser folk det och vill kanske ha det eftersom huvudpersonen i filmen använder det. Så kom ihåg, bara för att din favoritkaraktär i en film använder ett märke betyder inte att du borde använda det.
  • Det finns reklam på många fler ställen men det man måste tänka på är att man ser vad som är reklam och behandlar det som det. Man ska vara kritisk och om man ser någon på en reklam som man vill köpa borde man kolla upp det lite nogrannare först.